Denios Farmers Market, Roseville, California (Búsqueda de Ofertas)


     Sometimes, without a real need or reason we go shopping.   Its a feeling that we need to change our  kismet and chances of finding a hidden bargain.   Its never worked for us but we persist. We’re certainly not pro pickers or resellers so I guess its the thrill of the hunt…and its why on a perfectly nice Sunday in May, we venture out to the Farmers Market and Auction.       

    Denios a farmers/flea market open year-round with a permanent location in Roseville about 30 mintues from our home in Auburn.  Its a fabulous place to find yard sale prices and quality farmers market produce.  We haven’t been here often of late because I think for us its become a bit too crowded, a victim of its own popularity. This day was just to explore for fun and enjoy the atmosphere.  

     Visitamos el mercado al aire libre Denios.  Its a very popular place for locals to buy and sell everything under the sun. Un mercado al aire libre con artículos todo bajo el sol.  It has the feel of a mexican style “tianguis” with plenty of arts and crafts for sale.  

     To be fair there are vendors of all nationalites including american, asian, east indian, south american, russian americans.  A large vibrant community of mexican-americans exist in Roseville and many of them sell and shop in the market.  There is friendly music in the air and it’s mexican folk.  La música en el aire hermosa era folclórica mexicana

     Its also a great place for me to practice my spanish with some of the vendors.  Most are very helpful with my pronunciations and bad conjugations. Yo digo: “Yo soy un estudiante que aprende a hablar español”  “Necesito practicar hablar en español”. “Me gustaría comprar dos melones y tomates cuatro”.  I look to see if they smile and understand my spanish.   Most often they’re impressed that I try and they’ll play along and help until there is a line of customers waiting behind me.  

    The largest section is set apart for the farmers market where a wide varitety of California grown fruits and vegetables are sold at the most competitive prices I’ve seen anywhere.  Hay muchos tipos de frutas y verduras.  Its open all year…or better yet check out their website at

     Nearly two hours of probing, haggling, and searching we ended up with one pair of shoes for our grand daughter and a bag of homemade jerky and honey sticks.  Well at least I got to say “Me gustan tus melones” to a lady selling casabas. She gave me a wink.  Aww, such a good day!