Just One Day on the Oregon Coast?



     Traveling alone (Barbara flew back from Portland),  I had but one day left in Oregon thinking if its sunny, I head to the coast.  If its cloudy, I’m going back to California.  Just lucky I guess because it was warm and the sunshine was of the highest quality.  I left Corvallis about 8am, (very early by my habits) and rolled into Newport by 9:15am on a Thursday. I found some local coffee and headed for the nearest beach.   Wow!  There it is, the ocean…  O My God!  How blessed I felt listening, smelling and feeling the ocean roar.  Now my shoes socks, feet and pants are cold soaked wet but I’m completely psyched about my situation.

     I’m back to the car, grab the camera and a map to make plans for this day.  Its still just one day and my next motel reservation would be near Highway 5 on the Oregon California border.  I had to get a sense of how long I could stay but in no fantasy did I predict how beautiful the coastline would be that day.  One goal was Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area but the remainder would be spontaneous.  


     A very fortunate encounter while parking my car near the beach in Newport.  A friendly woman parked her car next to mine and asks “Where are you traveling from?”.  She went on to to say that she too was from California but now lives in Oregon and works at the Center for Visual Arts in Newport.  She knew plenty about the Oregon coastline.  She told me about South Beach, Ona Beach with ocean kayakers, sea lions, otters at Seal Rock, and both the Devil’s Churn and Thor’s Well near Cape Perpetua.  I found Neptune State beach too and I managed to fit all these wonderful places into that awesome day on the coast.  


     My overall impression was disbelief that the Oregon coastline was still so pristine (compared to California’s coast). I hope it remains this way because there must be a “next time”.   I’m now soundly convinced more travel to Oregon’s coast is in my future.